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Eco Vida is not a charity looking for donations - we earn our funding by co-marketing with like-minded partners.

Squalo Surf Company is a co-marketing partner for Eco Vida's bi-weekly Environmental Education Events.  Our visiting students are thrilled to learn that Squalo is supporting the environmental movement. Squalo generously provides free hats, shirts and gift certificates for each visiting student. Thank You Squalo!


Agua De Coco

The new sports drink company Agua De Coco sponsors Eco Vida's events by contributing taste drinks and snacks for our voluteers to enjoy.

Tecoman Youth Group

This volunteer group has aligned with Eco Vida to fulfill their mission of helping non-profits. Eco Vida is glad to have them on-board, and very impressed with their level of enthusiasm. 


The Mexican Environmental Protection Agency, who helped fund Eco Vida's "Low Impact Stove Construction Program." SEMARNAT is a great partner who is always ready to help out! Thank You SEMARNAT

Coliman Organization

Eco Vida cooperates with the Coliman Organization's efforts to create a sustainable and equitable future for indigenous populations in Colima, Jalisco, and Michoacan.  



Demographics: Members & Followers

  • 10% -- ages   10-12
  • 48% --  ages 13-17
  • 31% --  ages 18- 21
  • 06% --  ages  22-25
  • 05% --  other


Growth Pattern

Since our start in 2006 our memberships have grown more than 14% each year.


Future Growth Through Expansion

  • Our growth plan call for the construction of an Environmental
    Education Center which will
    function as a community asset, open to, and free to the public.
  • A network of small remote facilities up and down
    the coast intended to be micro community centers. We call them “Day Camps” and
    they will serve as locations for running our own programs and a public health
    outreach program run by a third party co-marketing partner called “Doctors 4 Indigenous” in affiliation with the state health director.


Existing Options for new co-marketing partners:

  • Co-market a beach facility site (4 to choose
  • Co-market an event
  • Co-market an annual program (5 to choose from)
  • Co-market materials and lesson plans
  • Signage
  • Branding the ‘day camp’ facilities (6 to choose

We are dedicated to the protection of the natural environment for the enjoyment of all people, present and future.


Through conservation, activism and education we strive to create the cleanest possible environment and a higher standard of living for the people we serve.

News & Events


  • BEACH CLEAN UP:  Eco Vida's was proud to cooperate on a beach clean up event that streatched from Argentina to the USA border. "YO AMO MI PLAYA" was organized by the Surf Rider Foundations for all of Latin America.  The Squalo Surf company provided prizes for the winners of our local beach games, and the Agua De Coco company provided free refreshments for all our volunteers.   Thanks to all of our sponsors and the Volunteer Youth Group from Tecoman!


  • RECENTLY:  A very important Public Opinion Survey was conducted jointly by Eco Vida and the University of Colima students. We gathered information and opinions from the local business owners, the residents and the visiting tourists all along the beach corridor. Survey questions centered on the topics of the LOCAL ENVIRONMENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES, TOURISM BUSINESS, MARKETING, and the NEEDS and DESIRES of LOCAL RESIDENTS.  Results will help us build a sustainable community full of happy residents and profitable businesses while protecting the environment for future generations.
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  • Eco Vida is happy to announce that we are making progress on the BIODIGESTOR project. Future community benefits will include a cleaner and safer environment, and a sustainable community system for producing cooking gas for local residents and businesses.


  • OTHER GOOD NEWS  Eco Vida's list of Co-Marketing partners continues to grow. The AGUA DE COCO brand, and the TECOMAN YOUTH group are now official partners working with Eco Vida on various events. Also great news - Eco Vida's membership numbers continue to raise, and we have two new interns to tell you about next month! Stay Tuned for More!

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