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  • Eco Vida is able to drive brand awareness and publicity through our high profile public events and promotion program of radio and newspaper advertizing.
  • Co-marketing partners gain targeted promotional opportunities to thousands of people each week through our educational events, school visits, beach clean ups, government and public meetings, and tourism visits to our home beach.
  • Additionally, we promote our partners business to 1,000’s more people each week through news letters (600+ subscribers), electronic invitations (300+), facebook, website hits and a media campaign including radio and television coverage of our events.
  • We help our partners gain recognition as a brand that cares about people and the environment.

Options For Marketing Partners

1. On-Going Programs

  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Endangered Species
  • Clean Beaches
  • Water Quality
  • Mangrove Protection
  • Environmental Education


2. Environmental Education Center

  • Turtle Hatchery
  • School & Educative Playground
  • Events Area & Science Lab
  • Launch Ramp and Tour Boat              


3. Day Camps


How It Works

Co-Marketing Partners can choose from any or all the options listed above.  Budgets and partner benefits are contained in the down loadable documents linked below.


  1. The On-Going programs can be used individually or as a whole for accessing promotional opportunities.
  2. The Environmental Education Center gives partners four highly visible locations at beach for signage and private events.
  3. Day Camps provide multiple physical locations at famous surf spots and community programs in those villages for partners to use for promotional purposes.






Partner with us on the dorry boat to be used daily for science, education and general ocean skills demonstrations.  Gain recognition through the branding the boat with your company logo. Tag along with all media coverage, and exposure at all events.





Support the Endangered Sea Turtle Hatchery and gain promotions through radio, TV and newspaper editorial campaign, public events, electronic media, signage and more.




Support the development of our Environmental Education Center and gain recognition as a supporter of all that Eco Vida does through branding rights, signage and the full media program, while enjoying full access and private use privileges.




Support the development of one or more Adventure Camp facilities and gain branding rights, signage, media coverage and more, while enjoying full access to the site for coporporate events,photo shoots, vacations, etc. 

We are dedicated to the protection of the natural environment for the enjoyment of all people, present and future.


Through conservation, activism and education we strive to create the cleanest possible environment and a higher standard of living for the people we serve.

News & Events


  • BEACH CLEAN UP:  Eco Vida's was proud to cooperate on a beach clean up event that streatched from Argentina to the USA border. "YO AMO MI PLAYA" was organized by the Surf Rider Foundations for all of Latin America.  The Squalo Surf company provided prizes for the winners of our local beach games, and the Agua De Coco company provided free refreshments for all our volunteers.   Thanks to all of our sponsors and the Volunteer Youth Group from Tecoman!


  • RECENTLY:  A very important Public Opinion Survey was conducted jointly by Eco Vida and the University of Colima students. We gathered information and opinions from the local business owners, the residents and the visiting tourists all along the beach corridor. Survey questions centered on the topics of the LOCAL ENVIRONMENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES, TOURISM BUSINESS, MARKETING, and the NEEDS and DESIRES of LOCAL RESIDENTS.  Results will help us build a sustainable community full of happy residents and profitable businesses while protecting the environment for future generations.
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  • Eco Vida is happy to announce that we are making progress on the BIODIGESTOR project. Future community benefits will include a cleaner and safer environment, and a sustainable community system for producing cooking gas for local residents and businesses.


  • OTHER GOOD NEWS  Eco Vida's list of Co-Marketing partners continues to grow. The AGUA DE COCO brand, and the TECOMAN YOUTH group are now official partners working with Eco Vida on various events. Also great news - Eco Vida's membership numbers continue to raise, and we have two new interns to tell you about next month! Stay Tuned for More!

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