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Everyone Loves A Clean Beach

Thanks to the collaboration of the Youth group in Tecoman were able to gather a considerable amount of young people to participate in the event YO AMO MI PLAYA, campaign made by SurfRider Foundation.
Thanks to the Department of Tourism for their participation with some welcome words as well as to the media group that were at our event taking notes.

Also thanks to the sponsors: Coco Colima and Xtreme Color who made possible this event.

After having some sandwiches and Agua de Coco provided from our sponsors, 4 groups where formed for our Volleyball tournament after the snack.
It was a Fun and environmental care awareness event.

Thanks to all participants.

Gathering Opinions

Students and faculty from the University of Colima's School of Business and Economics participated in this Public Survey evnt in the "Tecoman Beach Corridore" including El Real beach and Pascuales beach.  The event was created and sponsored by Eco Vida but would not have been such a success without the selfless help of the students, faculty and the assistance of state and municipal government offices.

Students and Eco Vida managers conducted the 30 question survey and personal interviews with scores of visitors and each business owners of the area. Work was followed by a meal and a some beach games.

The Director of Tourism from Tecomán participated in the event by giving a brief preseentation of the event, the goals, and the eventual use of the data collected.

Recycling Makes Sense

'Trash Recycling' was the theme of the event which gave  the tactics of the 4 "R´s" and were taught the method of recycling.

After the environmental talk we took on the task of a beach clean-up and some reforestation of mangrove plants. Village landscaping was also cared for with the planting oftwo dozen Buganvilias

Carlos Gonzalez of the University of Colima Campus Tecoman was our Guest Speaker.

Learning Is Fun When You Are At The Beach

40 students from Ignacio Allende grammar school in Tecoman participated in the science lesson given by Mrs. Martha Ferrel from Iatac campus in Tecoman. Thanks You Martha!


 "Protecting Our Water" was the subject and the children learned how they can contribute to a clean and healthy environment. Then the group went out to practice what they learned by cleaning up the trash on the beach, estuary and rivermouth. 


The Young Environmental Leaders!

After the lesson and the beach clean up, the students were rewarded with a healthy snack and play time.

They formed into 4 teams and played beach soccer. Here are the winners of the tournament with their SQUALO hats as the prize!


Thanks You Squalo Surf Company for your contributions!

We are dedicated to the protection of the natural environment for the enjoyment of all people, present and future.


Through conservation, activism and education we strive to create the cleanest possible environment and a higher standard of living for the people we serve.

News & Events


  • BEACH CLEAN UP:  Eco Vida's was proud to cooperate on a beach clean up event that streatched from Argentina to the USA border. "YO AMO MI PLAYA" was organized by the Surf Rider Foundations for all of Latin America.  The Squalo Surf company provided prizes for the winners of our local beach games, and the Agua De Coco company provided free refreshments for all our volunteers.   Thanks to all of our sponsors and the Volunteer Youth Group from Tecoman!


  • RECENTLY:  A very important Public Opinion Survey was conducted jointly by Eco Vida and the University of Colima students. We gathered information and opinions from the local business owners, the residents and the visiting tourists all along the beach corridor. Survey questions centered on the topics of the LOCAL ENVIRONMENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES, TOURISM BUSINESS, MARKETING, and the NEEDS and DESIRES of LOCAL RESIDENTS.  Results will help us build a sustainable community full of happy residents and profitable businesses while protecting the environment for future generations.
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  • Eco Vida is happy to announce that we are making progress on the BIODIGESTOR project. Future community benefits will include a cleaner and safer environment, and a sustainable community system for producing cooking gas for local residents and businesses.


  • OTHER GOOD NEWS  Eco Vida's list of Co-Marketing partners continues to grow. The AGUA DE COCO brand, and the TECOMAN YOUTH group are now official partners working with Eco Vida on various events. Also great news - Eco Vida's membership numbers continue to raise, and we have two new interns to tell you about next month! Stay Tuned for More!

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