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Last Event


Beach Cleanup 

Thanks to all who partipated as volunteers at our last beach clean up, event as well as to our sponsers Agua de Coco who provided the drinks, Tacos Juli with there delicious tacos and youth group of Tecoman for coordinating with us this effort.


We accomplish our goal once again working towards a clean beach and a better environment.



Construction at our Headquarters


Eco Vida is pleased to announce that a total of 80 volunteers from the University of Colima, and The Youth Group were on hand to help Eco Vida conduct our largest event of the year. We got started with the landscaping project for Eco Vida's headquarters facilities at the beach, including a new outdoor classroom, recycling palapa, and our boat launch facility.


Beach Clean Up

Half of the volunteers conducted a beach clean up in front of the new ocean front boardwak.


Food, Drinks, Games and Prizes 

After the work was done we will served lunch privided by the tourism department, drinks provided by AGUA DE COCO, and had a friendly beach volleyball competition with prizes from the surf company SQUALO!

Tecoman Youth Group, Eco Vida & Surf Rider Foundation beach clean up event at Pascuales

Eco Vida is proud to have joined SurfRider Foundation to execute a massive beach cleanup event that stretched from Mexico to Argentina!


The event was covered by local television, radio, and three newspapers. Volunteers from the Tecoman city Youth Group worked along side Eco Vida cleaning the entire beach. 

After the clean up, participants were treated to snacks and coconut juice from Agua De Coco company, then had fun playing beach volleyball. Everyone received hats and shirts from the local surf company SQUALO.


Thanks to all our sponsors!


Official Logo by the Argentina chapter of the Surf Rider Foundation

WHO: Surfrider Foundation and Eco Vida 


WHAT: The 2nd Annual "YO AMO MI PLAYA" (I love my beach).  A fun-filled environmental awareness day featuring a beach clean-up event, educational class, free refreshments, and beach games (cool prizes by SQUALO surf company) after the clean up.   




WHERE:  Meet us at Eco Vida's facility in Colima.
  (at the end of the road near the river mouth)

WHY: Because it's fun to live and play at a clean beach !




Eco Vida is happy to announce that we are making progress on the Biodigestor project. Technical drawings are nearly done thanks to Gerrardo at INIFAP. Thanks Gerrardo! We are now reaching out to all those who can help us get it built.


Environmental Science

Eco Vida has finished the outline for the Habitat Study that will document the flora and fauna of thebeach area. Biologists from the University of Colima will soon help Eco Vida conduct the newest round of environmental investigations.

Eco Vida made our largest ever "Clean Beaches" event at Pascuales !!!!


We presented a short environmental lesson followed by the beach clean up activity before returning for a snack and some recreational beach games of volleyball and soccer.


Eco Vida conducted another round of stakeholder surveys with the local business owners and residents. The collaborative event was done by: 

The University of Colima students

Eco Vida A.C.

Colima State Government

City of Tecoman


This survey consisted of face to face interviews with visitors and business owners and a long questionier. The day-long effort was followed by a meal and finished up with some beach games. A big "Thank You" goes out to the Tourism Department of Tecomán who kicked things off with a brief explanation of the event and the goals to be obtained.

The Clean Beaches Event  ! ! !  Come Join Us


9AM at the Eco Vida beach palapa classroom.


We will present a short environmental lesson followed by a long beach clean up effort before returning for a snack and some beach games with prizes from Squalo Surf Company.


All are welcome. No cost to anyone! Come have some fun.

Eco Vida held our environmental education event, beach cleanup and reforestation.
Carlos Gonzales of the University of Colima was our guest speaker.

Thanks to the many volunteers who came and helped out on this event!

Another event will be taking place:  The Environmental Education and Reforestation project by Evo Vida and the Clean Beach Committe
The schedule will be as follows:

9:00 - Environmental Education lesson: Recycling Waste by Carlos Gonzalez
9:15 - Clean beach (materials available bags and gloves)
10:15 -  (drinks and snacks)
11:00 - Small reforestation Bugambilias (at the glorieta)
12:00 - Beach Games  ...


Everyone is invited !


This is the month when the Endangered Sea Turtles start arriving on our coasts ... and Eco Vida begins the seasonal care of the eggs and hatchlings.

Take care of their habitat! A clean beach makes a nice start for a young turtle. Turn off all bright lights near the shore in the evening because sea turtles use the moonlight to navigate.


Mangroves are woody, dense vegetation, tree or shrub of 1-30 meters high,  In Mexico theres four dominated mangrove  species  (Rhizophora mangle, Laguncularia racemosa, Avicennia germinans and Conocarpus erectus). mangroves, provide a variety of environmental services as areas of food, shelter and growth of juvenile crustaceans , so they maintain much of the fish production.

We care for our mangroves!


The World Environment Day was first celebrated in 1972 and has since grown to become one of the main tools of the United Nations to extend awareness of the environment.

This year the World Environment Day has the theme; "Think, Eat, Save " , a campaign to reduce food waste.

It is also a day on which we all walk together to ensure a cleaner habitat , green and pleasant for us and for future generations .

Call Eco Vida to see how you can get involved in our event, or create a cleaning crew in your neighborhood, stop using plastic bags and encourage your neighbors to do the same.


The digesters are systems that use organic, human and animal waste to generate energy.
They are a specially designed container that allows the decomposition of organic matter under anaerobic conditions and produces gas for cooking use. The digester has an opening for the organic material, a chamber for it to decompose, an outlet valve for gas (biogas ) , and an output for the processed material (biofertilizer) .

Eco Vida is working with the state government office of INIFAP and the mayor to build a biodigester in the village with the goal of improving the economic (free gas), social, (better health) and environmental sustainability of the village through the proper handling of waste matter.


In collaboration with the cities of Armeria and Tecoman, the State Secretary of Tourism, and the volunteers from the Accounting School at the University of Colima along with the Faculty of Economics...  Eco Vida is organizing a series of events to conduct a public opinion survey. Locations for the survey include the beach towns of Cuyutlán, Paraiso, Pascuales, Tequanillo, and Real. The goal is to better understand and document opinions related to public services, tourism, the environment, economic conditions, and the hopes, dreams and desires of residents, visitors and businesses in our area. 

We created a new logo for Eco Vida Facebook  ...

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40 students from the Ignacio Allende School from Tecomán participated on our environmental education event.

Martha Ferrel was our guest speaker who gave a talk about Water Car, a beach clean up activity was organize and finalize the event with some beach games.

Sunday was our environmental event where students of 5th semester of UAG IAETAC Campus participated in the lessons and beach clean up.

The lesson was  "Solid Waste", we did a beach clean up activity later we had some snack and ended with a beach soccer game where Squalo gave prizes to  the winning team.

Our recent environmental education event and Beach Cleanup was with the participation of students of Jose Luis Gudino elementary school, the lesson was "trash separation for recycling."

Thank you Juis Gudino students!

Low Impact Stoves

Low Impact Stove Construction Classes


The Project is complete with 12 low impact stoves that improve the indoor air quality for the village residents while helping to minimize the damage to the mangrove forest that was being used for wood fuel.

Restored Habitat

Sea Turtle Nesting Grounds

Habitat Restoration Project


Broken and abandond concrete structures and an old asphalt road were removed and replaced with fresh sand, native raya plant and palm trees.

Composting toilets keep the environment cleaner

Composting Toilet Construction Class


Pascuales is now served by 7 composting toilets that add to the convenience and quality of life for the village residents while protecting the water quality of the estuary, river and mangrove.

The new bike path is open!

The New Bike Path Opens!


A new 10 kilometer bike path through the beautiful tropical ranches and coconut groves.

We are dedicated to the protection of the natural environment for the enjoyment of all people, present and future.


Through conservation, activism and education we strive to create the cleanest possible environment and a higher standard of living for the people we serve.

News & Events


  • BEACH CLEAN UP:  Eco Vida's was proud to cooperate on a beach clean up event that streatched from Argentina to the USA border. "YO AMO MI PLAYA" was organized by the Surf Rider Foundations for all of Latin America.  The Squalo Surf company provided prizes for the winners of our local beach games, and the Agua De Coco company provided free refreshments for all our volunteers.   Thanks to all of our sponsors and the Volunteer Youth Group from Tecoman!


  • RECENTLY:  A very important Public Opinion Survey was conducted jointly by Eco Vida and the University of Colima students. We gathered information and opinions from the local business owners, the residents and the visiting tourists all along the beach corridor. Survey questions centered on the topics of the LOCAL ENVIRONMENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES, TOURISM BUSINESS, MARKETING, and the NEEDS and DESIRES of LOCAL RESIDENTS.  Results will help us build a sustainable community full of happy residents and profitable businesses while protecting the environment for future generations.
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  • Eco Vida is happy to announce that we are making progress on the BIODIGESTOR project. Future community benefits will include a cleaner and safer environment, and a sustainable community system for producing cooking gas for local residents and businesses.


  • OTHER GOOD NEWS  Eco Vida's list of Co-Marketing partners continues to grow. The AGUA DE COCO brand, and the TECOMAN YOUTH group are now official partners working with Eco Vida on various events. Also great news - Eco Vida's membership numbers continue to raise, and we have two new interns to tell you about next month! Stay Tuned for More!

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