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Collaborating On Culture, Economy, Ecology, and Equality

A Gathering Place for Stakeholders to Weigh in on Equal Rights and Equal Access, Cultural Development, Economic Sustainability, Adventure Tourism, the Food & Beverage Corridor plan, the Eco Village plan, and more.





Eco Vida believes we are better together. By collaborating with other value aligned groups, we stive to let all voices be heard. We concentrate our efforts with indigenous populations in Colima, Jalisco, and Michoacan, and closer to home we participate in regional planning efforts with the aim of creating eco villages and other sustainable development concepts. To this end we serve as the repository for the official documentation on Regional Adventure Tourism, and the Food & Beverage Corridor plans for Colima. 


The research and planning of the Adventure Tourism and Food & Beverage Corridor projects share important documentation, but have been separated into the following sections. 


Section 1.  Global Trends

· Global Importance of Tourism

· Macro Trends

· Latin America Trends

· USA / Canadian Trends

· European Trends


Lessons learned from the global trends section above, prompted the team to acquire 

more detailed investigations (below.)

· The Conscious Consumer Report

· Nature Based Tourism Report

· Recreational Tourism Report

· Cultural Tourism & Indigenous Populations Report

· Eco Tourism Report



Section 2.  Regional Market Trends

· Mexico Tourism

· Colima Tourism

· Colima Census

· Colima Economy

· Colima Real Estate Development


Lessons learned from the above research were summarized in an executive summary 

and prompted the team to acquire additional studies (below)

· Travel Green Guide

· Craft and Fine Art Feasibility Report

· Campground Study

· Senior Housing Study

· Regenerative Farming Report

· Survey of Local Niche Market Competition

· Stakeholder Survey & Interviews


Results of this research resulted in another executive summary that explains what 

was learned with the studies.


Section 3.   Opportunities and Constraints

· Geography and Topography

· Legal Situation

· Natural Environment Study

· The Current Built Structures

· Existing Plans for the Future


These investigations above resulted in the desire to study the following topics in more detail.

· Smart Growth

· Coastal Marine Engineering

· Green Belt Design Techniques

· Green Belt Feasibility Study

· Storm Water Control

· Bike Path (Proposal, Funding, Construction Completed)

· Cultural Interpretive Village Design

· Ocean Front Boardwalk (Proposal, Funding, Construction Completed)


These investigations led to the following Executive Summary and the Proposed Design 

documents and showing some options for the Adventure Tourism and Food & Beverage Corridor. 


Section 4.  Stakeholders

The first round of research focused on the following;

· Government Policy, Programs, & Goals (Interviews)

· Survey of Property Owners (150)

· Survey and Interviews with 200 Visiting Tourist

· Physical Survey of Land Use Patterns

· Interview Potential Investors & Banks


The results for this research were presented in an Executive Summary,  and prompted 

the following additional work; 

· Second round of land owner interviews

· More tourist visitor surveys/interviews

· Interviews with government officials

· Estimates of potential income for the local municipality


These results lead to another Executive Summary and a complete set of Action Plans (below)

· Set project goals for social, environmental and economic benefits

· Outline the potential legal rights of the proposed designs

· Micro Business Development Strategy

· Financial Modeling with Construction Budgets


Section 5.  Current copies of the work for review and comment by all stakeholders.

All relevant information from  sections 1 to 4 were used to produce the 1st drafts (below)

· Outdoor Recreational Tourism Master Plan

· Outdoor Recreational Tourism Branding Guidelines

· Promotion and Media Plan

· Marketing Plan

· Construction Budget

· International Finance Proposal

· Subdivision Application (accepted, project entitled)

We are dedicated to the protection of the natural environment for the enjoyment of all people, present and future.


Through conservation, activism and education we strive to create the cleanest possible environment and a higher standard of living for the people we serve.

News & Events


  • BEACH CLEAN UP:  Eco Vida's was proud to cooperate on a beach clean up event that streatched from Argentina to the USA border. "YO AMO MI PLAYA" was organized by the Surf Rider Foundations for all of Latin America.  The Squalo Surf company provided prizes for the winners of our local beach games, and the Agua De Coco company provided free refreshments for all our volunteers.   Thanks to all of our sponsors and the Volunteer Youth Group from Tecoman!


  • RECENTLY:  A very important Public Opinion Survey was conducted jointly by Eco Vida and the University of Colima students. We gathered information and opinions from the local business owners, the residents and the visiting tourists all along the beach corridor. Survey questions centered on the topics of the LOCAL ENVIRONMENT, LOCAL GOVERNMENT SERVICES, TOURISM BUSINESS, MARKETING, and the NEEDS and DESIRES of LOCAL RESIDENTS.  Results will help us build a sustainable community full of happy residents and profitable businesses while protecting the environment for future generations.
  • See Photos



  • Eco Vida is happy to announce that we are making progress on the BIODIGESTOR project. Future community benefits will include a cleaner and safer environment, and a sustainable community system for producing cooking gas for local residents and businesses.


  • OTHER GOOD NEWS  Eco Vida's list of Co-Marketing partners continues to grow. The AGUA DE COCO brand, and the TECOMAN YOUTH group are now official partners working with Eco Vida on various events. Also great news - Eco Vida's membership numbers continue to raise, and we have two new interns to tell you about next month! Stay Tuned for More!

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